Want your car to be more fun to drive and handle better then you could have imagined?

Our L and E Fabrications LLC Quick Steering Column may be for you.

3 turns lock to lock in a car that is raced is way too much throwing the wheel side to side trying to keep your Subaru under control and usually ends up in over correcting on dirt, snow, or ice racing.

Our column can turn your Impreza into a 2 turn lock to lock though our 1.5 to 1 steering column. Meaning when you turn your steering wheel one full rotation it turns the steering column one and a half times.

We have used the same column we are selling in our Subaru all of this rally season and helped us to our 1st Place Rally America Open Class win at Colorado Middle Cog 2 rally. I have also been using in my street Outback Sport with great success.

This product was designed for off highway use only.

Using in a track, auto-x and rally car makes the Subaru much more predictable and helps your reaction time out. In the rally car the car is much easier to throw around J-turns. Every Person I have had drive one of my columns has loved it.

One feature I greatly enjoy about the column is the slightly heavier steering wheel feel. It makes the car much harder to overreact and I have found less kick back in the wheel from grooves and bumps on the road. Although the large rocks in rally may still cause a problem.

Overall I have found this column to work awesome in everything I have competed in my Impreza with.

Column applications that are available now:

Columns that are available on special orders:

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Other cars are always welcome please e-mail for any questions about fabricating a column for your car.